Door Entry Systems

Door Entry Systems

Door Entry Systems

Welcome to our Door Entry Systems page, where safety seamlessly meets convenience. Here, you’ll uncover the latest in cutting-edge solutions that redefine access control, guaranteeing the security of your property or business while ensuring a seamless entry experience.

Si 10v Door Entry System

The Si 10v stands out as a 1 Button Door Entry & Video Unit, offering exceptional functionality and durability. This video intercom boasts waterproof and dustproof qualities, ensuring reliability in various environments. Noteworthy features include auto answer and a dynamic multicast function, enhancing user convenience and versatility. With a built-in 1W speaker and Acoustic Echo Canceller (AEC), it guarantees clear communication. Its functionality encompasses security, intercom, and broadcasting capabilities, catering to diverse needs. Additionally, it comes equipped with a high-definition camera featuring a backlight compensation function for optimal video quality. Furthermore, online management and upgrade options ensure seamless operation and future-proofing.

Si 20 Door Entry System

The Si 20 SIP door phone is meticulously designed for indoor operation, offering unparalleled reliability. Its robust mechanical construction ensures protection against dust and water (IP54 rating), guaranteeing durability in various conditions. Moreover, the Si 20 stands out as an economical device with a triple function (All in 1) – enabling access control through call, code, and RFID card, providing versatile security options.

Si 30 Door Entry System

Si 30 Door Entry System

Introducing the Si 30 Door Entry Video Phone, a compact and visually appealing unit renowned for its simplicity in installation. Voice transmission is facilitated through the standard IP protocol (RTSP), ensuring seamless communication. With its robust mechanical construction, this video door phone provides reliable protection against dust and water, ensuring durability in various conditions. Additionally, it boasts a triple function (All-in-one) – allowing access control via call, code, indoor switch, and RFID card, providing comprehensive security options.

Our Door Entry System Solutions

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