WhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp for Business is a remarkable platform for connecting with customers, utilising a distinct phone number separate from your personal one. Additionally, the comprehensive WhatsApp for Business package we provide enables seamless message exchanges across multiple devices. Furthermore, it empowers you to effortlessly manage your account remotely while incorporating robust reporting systems.

These systems efficiently highlight any incoming messages that require a response, ensuring no communication slips through the cracks.

WhatsApp for Business - Overview

WhatsApp for Business, a tailored rendition of the widely-used messaging app, is intricately crafted to cater to the needs of businesses. It facilitates seamless communication with customers, streamlines information sharing, and enhances customer support directly within the WhatsApp ecosystem.

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WhatsApp for Business - Our Solutions

Strong Telecoms, as an independent family-owned business, stands out for its unwavering dedication to delivering top-notch phone systems tailored to each customer’s needs. Drawing upon years of experience in the industry, our primary goal is to provide unparalleled customer service, setting us apart in the sector.

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Impartial provider of phone systems for every business.

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Independent advice to find the best broadband package.

Many customers come to us after encountering struggles and issues with the large corporate phone system providers. These providers often utilise independent salespeople to lock customers into expensive and long-term contracts. Furthermore, they commonly rely on international call centres for support, leaving clients feeling disconnected and frustrated. Additionally, once the contract is signed, customers often find themselves without a dedicated account manager.

However, at Strong Telecoms, our approach is fundamentally different. Our primary goal is to provide every customer with dedicated support from our internal team. This team not only builds strong relationships with each client but also comprehensively understands the importance of maintaining seamless phone and internet connectivity.

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We deliver phone systems for business from global providers, so you get the advantages of having a fantastic and reliable phone system, but the support and advice from a small company who are always on hand to help.

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