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Strong Telecoms Independent Reseller

Become a telecoms reseller - Independent reseller for Strong Telecoms

Become a telecoms reseller for Strong Telecoms. This is a rewarding opportunity for those looking for extra income.

Strong Telecoms offers a robust support system, comprehensive resources, and profit-based commission each month, making it an ideal choice.

As an independent reseller, you’ll have the chance to promote high-quality telecom products, benefit from attractive financial rewards, and we will also provide you with marketing materials to get you started.

There is a £1500 initial fee to set up on all our systems and to provide you with all your marketing material to become a telecoms reseller.

Meet Jack.....

Jack runs his own business and is a dedicated independent reseller for Strong Telecoms. He purchases products from Strong Telecoms at a good price and resells them at prices he sets. Initially, Jack started as an agent for Strong Telecoms to explore the telecom industry. Running his own business, he found the perfect opportunity to become an independent reseller and earn a good income.

Jack values working with Strong Telecoms because they offer comprehensive support and resources that help their telecom resellers grow their businesses. The company also gives resellers the opportunity to promote high-quality telecom products.

The Strong Telecoms agent/reseller program is designed to ensure the success of its agents by offering attractive financial rewards, competitive payment plans, and extensive marketing and training support.

become a telecoms reseller

Become a Telecoms Reseller - Frequently Asked

How do I become an independent reseller for strong telecoms?

Contact us via our web page or call us 0333 366 1443 or WhatsApp us on 0333 366 0569

What are the  requirements to be a strong telecoms independent reseller?

No special requirements as we will hold your hand through the set up with our industry knowledge.

What hours will I work?

Completely up to you, ultimately you are self-employed – work smart – work hard – whichever way you want to go about it its all about you increasing your income!

What you put in you get out!

What products can I sell as an Independent Reseller?

Monthly Services



Muti Tenanted WhatsApp System



What we do - Strong Telecoms

We will provide you with branded marketing materials.

You get your own branded telephone cloud-based system – to add customers when you want and to make any alterations.

Strong Telecoms will provide you with CDR file so you can have your own platform to bill your own customers.

What you do - Independent Reseller

As a reseller, you bill your customers directly and offer first line support.

You own your customer we don’t.

The reseller is responsible for the implantation with any customers

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